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Introducing Our New Name: Watson & Young

Introducing Watson & Young


Zara Watson Law has officially rebranded to Watson & Young IP!

Shifting into this new name and new era for the firm feels so much bigger than Sean and I. It’s a dream that we’ve had since we were in college, when we used to joke about one day combining our last names (because of how professional and timeless the name sounds) to open our own law firm.

I grew up in an immigrant household where I saw my step-father, a doctor who came from nothing to build his dream medical practice, take licensing exams in English when he wasn’t fluent and make every effort to learn about building wealth to create a better life for our family.

I was inspired by his ambition and solution-oriented attitude, and was determined to make a life for myself despite being raised in the U.S.

I was determined to build something that would impact thousands, if not millions, of lives so that they could also have ownership over their lives and build long-lasting, impactful legacies.

Ever since I can remember, I knew that I would own a business that would help others fulfill their own goals.

And that dream came true when I started Zara Watson Law. The shift into Watson & Young simply feels like the natural progression of Zara Watson Law.

I’ve gone from doing so much myself to expanding and joining forces with Sean to see my next dream, the dream of owning a law firm with my husband, come true.

The firm has grown so much, and is at a stage where this is what makes the most sense for Sean and I – to make this leap together.

I know that, together, we’ll continue to expand our team and provide more jobs, while helping more entrepreneurs across the globe protect themselves and their brand through our work.

We’re so excited for this next chapter in our journey, and we’re grateful to have you a part of it! 

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