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“Zara is an amazing attorney. She understands the nuances of being a small business owner and handles each issue with intense attention to detail. Zara made sure we knew every step of a very long and intense trademark registration process. Zara made sure the lines of communication were always open and we knew every step of a very long and intense process. Zara is phenomenal and we will be working with her again!”

”Zara and her team were amazing to work with. From our initial conversation I knew my case would be in good hands. As a business owner it was important that I find someone who understood the importance of protecting the integrity of my brand; Zara took the time to ensure that I understood each step, honestly answered all my questions, was very attentive and kept up our communication through the entire process. I knew I could rely on her to successfully negotiate the terms and conditions of my case. Overall, Zara and her team were terrific at assisting me and went above and beyond to make sure that I was satisfied with their services”

“Zara and her team are professional, attentive, and do a great job at walking you through the entire trademark registration process. I am very happy to have my registered trademark and can’t thank Zara enough for her great work. If you’re a business owner and are looking to protect your brand, look no further!”

“After going through this process, I can honestly say that there is no way I could have done it successfully without Zara. She is not only thorough, organized, and extremely knowledgeable about every in and out of trademark law, but she is deeply supportive, thoughtful, and compassionate. If things were difficult on her end, I would never know it, because Zara made me feel like my trademark process was the only thing she was working on. Never perturbed by a question and always available when I needed her, it is clear to me that Zara does her absolute best for every client. Plus, she was incredibly transparent about the cost, timeline, and logistics of the process. Kindness + Honesty + Skills = the perfect Trademark Attorney. Honestly, I cannot recommend Zara enough.”

“Working with Zara and her team throughout the trademark registration process was amazing. She is completely knowledgeable and communicates effectively. She works hard to understand the client’s needs and concerns and answered all of my questions as only an expert can. I highly recommend working with Zara!”

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