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You’ve done your research, you know that the United States Patent and Trademark Office attorneys have rigid guidelines for trademarking applications.

Legal nuances are not within your zone of genius and you want to minimize any chance of risk that your application will be denied. (And any chance of risk that you’ll have to delay launching your brand another 8-12 months.)

On the other hand, perhaps you’re in a great place!

You had success with another route of trademarking but are rapidly scaling your brand and need strategic experts in intellectual property who scale with you.

And finally, you may be experiencing your darkest hour as a business owner.

Perhaps things have gone awry or you're concerned about a lawsuit. You're in need of counsel, clarity, and peace of mind while planning a better path for the future.

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It’s about time…

The problem is, you’ve already started researching this process (because you needed to get this done yesterday), but now you’re in a quagmire of open computer tabs with conflicting information and legal language that is out of your scope.

You know you’ve got a brilliant brand and it’s a digital goldmine. But safeguarding your brilliance from cheap imitations or a larger brand coming at you? That’s deeply overwhelming.

- Lauren Dickens, Founder, Elle Audrey

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Fought (And Won!) A Lawsuit Thrown At Them By A National Magazine Over Having A Similar Name

Stopped Other Sellers From Duplicating Their Unique Brand On Amazon

Received The Elusive Instagram Verification Badge

Leveraged Their Brand Identity To Secure Licensing Rights In A TV Show




Hours of headaches saved by working with experts

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More likely to get trademark approved when working with an attorney



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What does brand security entail?

Brand security is created from a few crucial points. The first piece is an identifiable name, logo, and slogan that are distinct from others in your industry. Second, government verified trademarks that confirm you legally own your name, logo, and slogan. Third, attentiveness to your market so you can put a quick stop to anyone who imitates your brand.

Someone is imitating my brand’s copy or offers. Can you help with trademark, copyright issues, and brand infringement?

Yes, of course. Simply mention this when you inquire so we can talk more about the situation and the best course of action.

Are trademarking and legal services a tax deductible expense?

Yes, they are! Saving money on taxes while securing your brand identity is a win-win in our books.

What does trademarking encompass?

We’ve broken our trademark process and the important elements you’ll want to know on our blog.

Does trademarking my brand’s name also protect my logo?

Each is a separate trademark. We recommend starting with your brand’s name and then moving into trademarking logos and collateral to keep the process streamlined.

I’m starting my business and haven’t launched my product or service yet, can I still apply for a trademark?

Absolutely, and this is the best time to work with us. You’ll want to get your brand security established before you launch and we can guide you through the process.

How do I know I need a trademark?

You need a trademark if you don’t want anyone else using your brand’s name, logo, or tagline without your permission.

Can I book your services for multiple trademarks at once?

Absolutely. Just mention exactly what you need during our consult.

I noticed you’re based in New York. Does it matter if I’m in a different state?

Not at all. Trademarking falls under federal law so we serve clients in all 50 states, as well as internationally.

What if we discover my brand security is compromised because my ideal trademark is already taken?

Don’t lose sleep over it, we offer extra support to come up with a viable alternative.

If I have already tried to start securing my brand by filing a trademark application but I got overwhelmed and stopped, can you help me?

Definitely! Let us know during your consultation that you already have a pending application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We’re happy to take over your current filing.

How long does trademarking take?

Timelines may vary, but it typically takes 8 - 12 months, from start to finish.