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Having worked with Sean Young for years I can confidently say that he is an extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy attorney. His expertise in trademarking is top notch. I happily recommend Watson & Young!
I really appreciated Zara and Sean’s ability to walk me through the nuance and the benefits and protections that come with trademarking your IP
If I could give Zara 10 stars I would. Zara explained everything from copywriting to trademarking to contract writing. She clearly outlined the importance of each, and further detailed when and how to use them. I will continue to use Zara and her partner for any of these services as they clearly know what they’re doing and have their clients interests at heart.
They make the trademark process so easy! Incredibly knowledgeable and diligent, you won’t find better service anywhere.
For anyone interested in protecting the brands we rely on to drive business, I would highly recommend Watson & Young. Sean and Zara are the trademark attorneys you want to hire: total professionals who know the stakes, dedication, and hard work required to build a business that makes an impact.
Working with Watson and Young made the trademark process straightforward and stress-free. Their expertise and attention to detail protected our intellectual property effectively. We appreciated the personalized service and constant updates. I highly recommend Sean and Zara for their exceptional service and professionalism in trademark law.
Sean Young is an excellent Attorney. He is very diligent and understands how the court system works. He understands Trademark litigation. I have had very positive results using Sean as my Attorney.
Watson & Young PLLC has been critical in legally protecting my brand for the last 7 years. I am so honored to work with such a professional team that not only successfully has helped me secure several trademarks, has also offered a plethora of services and resources to meet the needs of my brand as it has grown and evolved. Watson & Young PLLC will continue to be a necessary part of all the trademark needs of the Millennial In Debt brand.
My interactions with Sean and Zara have always been professional and supportive and I highly recommend their services. Both are so knowledgeable and respectful throughout the process. Two thumbs up!!
Watson and Young are excellent Trademark attorneys. Their skill, proficiency, and professionalism are matchless. They are thorough and zealously advocate for their clients. Let them be your only choice when you need Trademark attorneys.
Sean and Zara are consummate professionals. The experience from beginning to end was truly top-tier. I felt confident that they possessed a robust knowledge of the trademark industry and were adept at executing my specific needs. Their expertise and professionalism greatly contributed to a positive overall experience.
I had the pleasure of working Watson & Young PLLC for my trademark.I was impressed with the high level quality of service. From the moment I retained their firm, Zara and Sean displayed a high level of knowledge and promptly addressed any inquiries or concerns.Their knowledge of trademark law is extensive and they were able to come up with a creative legal strategy to help secure my business. Thank you Zara and Sean!
Collaborating with Zara and Sean has truly been exceptional! Their clear communication, unwavering integrity, and punctuality remained consistent throughout our entire partnership. They possess extensive knowledge and, more importantly, a remarkable willingness to assist others. I wholeheartedly recommend their services, especially if you are seeking a team who is trustworthy and reliable!
Cant recommend Sean and Zara enough! Ive relied on their counsel for nearly 5 years and when it comes to IP law – copyright, patents, trademarks-- their expertise is unparalleled. Their passion for trademark filing, protection, enforcement is second to none. Always ahead of the curve, I know I can count on them at a moments notice when I have questions about the latest cutting edge issue in IP law. The people’s lawyer AND the lawyers’ lawyer.
I recently had the pleasure of working with Watson & Young PLLC, and I must say that their service exceeded my expectations in every way. From the outset, Sean & Zara collaborated and demonstrated a remarkable level of responsiveness to all my inquiries about the trademark registration process.What truly sets Sean & Zara apart was their proactive approach in providing pertinent information. They not only guided me through the intricacies of trademark law but also took the initiative to coach me on the best strategies for protecting my brand and intellectual property. Their depth of expertise in trademarks was evident throughout our interactions.One aspect that stood out was the expedient handling of the entire process. Sean ensured a quick turnaround time without compromising on the attention to detail and care required for such critical matters. This level of efficiency was truly impressive and showcased their commitment to client satisfaction.In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Watson & Young PLLC to anyone seeking a dedicated and knowledgeable attorney for trademark-related matters. Their responsiveness, proactive approach, and expertise make them an invaluable partner in safeguarding your brand. I am grateful for the smooth and efficient experience they provided throughout the entire process.
I'd heard about the benefits of having a trademark for my business, but I wasn't sure where to start. After some research, I came across this small business that offered trademarking services. I decided to work with Watson & Young and I couldn't be happier with my decision.Working with Zara and Sean was such a pleasure. They were knowledgeable and patient, taking the time to explain things in detail and making sure that I understood the process. They exceeded my expectations and provided me with peace of mind knowing that my business is protected. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for trademarking services.
Sean and Zara are exceptional team when it comes to providing legal advice in the areas of trademark and intellectual property law. They're not only trusted advisors in these practice areas but I've also previously relied on their insights in other legal dealings I've had regarding personal and business interests. Keep up the great work!
Zara and her team are fabulous! Highly recommend for your trademark needs. She is honest, high integrity, thorough, considerate, and extremely professional. I recommend her to all my entrepreneurial friends who need to trademark their brand! I felt totally at ease working with her and her team and would absolutely work with her in the future.
Sean and Zara are experts in intellectual property law. They are professional, thorough, responsive, and are always eager to help. I definitely recommend them for all of your trademark needs. You will not be disappointed.
Zara and Sean are a dynamic duo. They are the absolute best in the business if you’re in the market for a trademark attorney. They walked me through the entire process, addressed all of my concerns and executed flawlessly. When it comes to protecting your brand I highly recommend Watson & Young
Our go to law firm for our clients that need intellectual property services!! Professional and highly knowledgeable! Highly recommended!!
I've had the pleasure of working with Sean and Zara on several occasions for my company's trademark needs. Their firm, Watson and Young, is truly top-notch. Their approach is comprehensive, they're always on the ball, and their insights into Intellectual Property law have been pivotal for our business strategies. It's reassuring to have such a reliable team watching over our intellectual property. Definitely the go-to experts for trademark protection.
I highly recommend choosing Watson & Young as your trademark lawyers. They are true experts in flawlessly handling the trademark registration process from beginning to end. I trust them to protect my brand.
I met Zara and Sean, through another fellow attorney, and they were warm and welcoming. As a patent attorney, I noticed very quickly that they exhibited proficient understanding in Trademark and Intellectual Property. Since I work primarily on patents, I have forwarded a number of clients to them. Those clients have nothing but good things to say about Zara and Sean's service and professionalism.
I’m an attorney with a very busy practice and have many a times come across clients looking for trademark work. I have referred clients to this law firm and all my clients have raved about the quality representation and expeditious work. Will be sending future clients their way!
Sean and Zara are outstanding trademark lawyer/attorneys. Watson and Young are thorough, responsive, knowledgeable and a great team to have on your side. I highly recommend them to protect your brand!
I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing Mr. and Mrs. Young for some years now and feel that I can provide a solid and positive review on these two professional individuals. My niece used them to trademark her current company and we both have found that Sean and Zara have demonstrated so much integrity and honesty when it comes to the laws revolving around business and trademarks! We have truly learned a lot from them! That said, my niece's company is now flourishing and doing well! More importantly, she is now protected from any trademark infringements! This would not have been possible, had it not been for their unwavering assistance and guidance! I am confident in their knowledge of the law and am extremely grateful for their service to myself and others in their community! I highly and enthusiastically recommend this firm for all of your legal needs as they are THAT GOOD! Thank you Sean and Zara for all that you do and have done to make our business and lives more secure and manageable! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!Lenny Woods
I highly recommend Watson & Young to anyone seeking top-notch legal assistance in trademark matters. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for my trademark was truly commendable. Sean and Zara were indispensable assets in navigating the intricacies of trademark law. Thank you for your outstanding service!
Absolutely delighted with the exceptional services provided by Zara and Sean. From the very outset, they displayed profound expertise and dedication in handling my trademark needs. Their guidance was invaluable, ensuring a smooth and efficient process from start to finish.
Working with Watson & Young is always an amazing experience. They take the time to explore options with you and make sure you completely understand every step.
Watson & Young Law firm specializes in Trademark Registration and Intellectual Property. The attorneys there are extremely knowledgeable and very professional. During my consultation with Attorney Sean Young, I felt comfortable and he answered all of my questions regarding the law and set up for my branding. He gave a clear step by step path on how he and his firm will proceed and support me throughout the process. I highly recommend this firm to handle all of your trademark registration needs.
I am very grateful & privileged to witness the evolution of Watson & Young. Sean was the first attorney I met during the Entrepreneur Expo at the Brooklyn Business Library upon starting my agency V Management New York, LLC. in 2014 while he was a student at Brooklyn Law. Years later, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Zara in 2020 who gave me the experience of a lifetime with registering the trademark for my agency name. From start to finish, Zara and her team were very thorough and communicative with the whole process. I remember being at Dumbo Park & receiving the 1st memo from her that my agency name was available to trademark for a specific class. I had so much joy in my heart & relief because other attorneys told me the name wasn't available. Once the trademark process was finally completed in 2021, I remember I cried upon receiving their beautiful trademark package delivered to me that included my official registered document. To witness the first attorney I spoke with upon starting my agency and the attorney who completed my first trademark for my agency join forces is a true testament to the power of the Universe and love. Much gratitude once again for Watson & Young PLLC and I look forward to seeing many more years of success!
If you were looking for a trademark attorney/lawyer for trademark registration or any of your trademark needs, call Watson and Young law firm, they are the best!!!They take the time to walk through the process with you and answer all your questions. They treat each case with care as they understand each case is individual and deserves individual attention. They are highly knowledgeable and very efficient and most importantly, very effective in getting the job done. I highly recommend working with them for any and all of your trademark needs.
Zara came in and spoke on IP protections inside a group program we facilitate and was such a wealth of knowledge. Her answers were thorough and thoughtful, and I know they're going to give our members a legal leg up when it comes to protecting their businesses and assets.
I had the pleasure of working with Zara from Watson & Young, and I cannot express how impressed I am with the level of expertise and professionalism provided throughout the entire process. From start to finish, Zara and the team demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to excellence, client satisfaction, and guidance.First and foremost, Zara possesses a calm and sophisticated demeanor, making her exceedingly pleasant to work with. That combined with her professionalism and ability to navigate the complexities of the entire trademark process makes her truly remarkable. I felt confident and reassured knowing that I had a legal expert on my side who not only understood the intricacies of the law but could also communicate them clearly and effectively.One of the standout qualities that I absolutely adored is the team's dedication to client satisfaction. The team was responsive, attentive, and always went the extra mile to ensure that my concerns were addressed promptly. The level of personalized attention I received made me feel like my case was a top priority, and that level of commitment is truly commendable.Throughout the process, the team made sure to notify me and address any concerns I had. Zara was proactive in providing valuable insights and strategic advice. Her forward-thinking approach and ability to anticipate potential issues allowed me to make informed decisions that ultimately strengthened my trademark position. I truly believe that her services were a valuable investment.In conclusion, entrusting Watson & Young proved to be an outstanding choice for me. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking top-tier representation in the complex world of trademark law. A big thank you for all that you do!
After looking around for the right trademark attorney, I was actually referred to Zara and her team. With that being said, I would continue paying it forward to refer her services to anyone looking to protect their intellectual property. From start to finish, the level of professionalism, correspondence and structural transparency has been exceptional. Their modern, clean, simple but yet timeless aesthetics and content reassured you that they their services are top tier and their level of expertise is unmatched! From our initial conversation and being able to connect and relate to each other sidebar allowed this process to be seamless and helped me to understand and learn the ins and outs of what protecting your brand entails. It may not have appeared to be a necessity at first, but Zara translated this process to make you understand that doing so will be beneficial to your business in the long run. Zara and her team were accessible and always made themselves available to answer any questions I had. They were diligent, helpful, supportive, and most of all genuine in providing not only legal assistance and information but in encouraging you to stay the course of your entrepreneurial journey. Thank you Zara & team tremendously for your service and all of your hard work to get my trademarks finalized. I look forward to future business and the journey to success with you !!!
I worked with Zara and Sean to trademark my new business. I also purchased an employee onboarding contract a few years prior. They were very communicative throughout the process. I'm so glad I found them. I will diffidently be reaching out for future projects!
I had the pleasure of hosting Zara to speak to my community about building a robust brand and personal styling business recently, and it's an understatement to say she was a hit. Zara's unique blend of legal expertise in the fashion and beauty industry is a rare and substantial asset for business owners in those domains. Her ability to address and validate the fears of business owners while providing explanations that the audience can understand is truly invaluable. I eagerly anticipate Zara's future engagements with my community, and I wholeheartedly recommend working with her.
Searching for a stylist/client contract was daunting—I scoured the web and consulted lawyers, but it was complex and costly. I was so excited to stumbled on Watson & Young's template. It was affordable, purchasing it was a breeze, and in less than an hour, I customized it effortlessly. It's been my go-to for over two years now. Watson & Young made it so easy and it remains one of my best business decisions!
Zara did a fireside chat with our beauty brand founders and was able to support and guide them in a number of areas of their businesses including copyright law, trademarking, international distribution and more. Her depth of knowledge and specialization in the beauty and fashion space allowed her to be hyper tailored with her advice. There are very specific aspects and nuances in beauty and fashion law and Zara and her team have expertise and authority in this space unlike anyone else. I look forward to continuing to work with Zara both inside our programs and with our clients.
It’s always a pleasure working with Zara and Sean. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable and always able to answer my inquiries with honest and expert advice. It’s great to feel supported by these two, time and time again. Highly recommended!
I've had the pleasure of working with Sean and Zara in the past and am comfortable referring them to any clients or potential clients that need assistance with trademark issues. Highly recommend their services to protect your branding!
Attorney Young was extremely supportive, timely and dedicated to assisting me with a descriptive character letter for a opportunity I was in desperate need of and was granted that amazing opportunity thanks to Mr. Young. I want to say thank you for your love and support! I love you and your beautiful family! Big thank you to the Watson & Young PLLC !
I have worked with Zara and the rest of the Watson & Young team since 2021, and have always felt supported. From the very beginning, Zara answered all my questions and explained the process in full details ensuring that I felt confident about my decisions. The entire team is professional and enthusiastic about their work and take their time to really get things right. I just finalized my first trademark and trusted them so much that we're doing another one with the firm. Excited to continue working with the team!
I had the very best experience with Watson and Young obtaining my trademark. I was notified every step of the process. Zara was amazing through every step of the process. I was very well taken care of by every employee of the firm. I cannot recommend Zara for your trademark needs. I was beyond satisfied. I felt so educated during the process and very supported.
Team Watson & Young have been amazing to work with. They make complicated (yet important!) legal tasks simple and easy. I feel confident I am protected and my business is protected. They super responsive, friendly, very professional and wonderful to work with. I am so grateful I know them and have them in my corner!

“Zara and the whole team from day one were so helpful. My favorite aspect of working with them (outside of OFFICIALLY getting Trademarked!!!) was the clarity and communication they always sent. Often I would put on my to do list: check in with Zara, and literally that day I would get an email update or calendar invite without even reaching out.

The time and money I actually saved by using them was great. If you are on the fence about signing on, don’t hesitate. I am a do it myself kind of person and I am so glad I let them handle our trademark. They were and are continuing to be a great partner to have with my company Cake Muse.”

– Sarah Jacobs, Founder of Cake Muse

Watson & Young PLLC has been critical in legally protecting my brand for the last 7 years. I am so honored to work with such a professional team that not only successfully has helped me secure several trademarks, has also offered a plethora of services and resources to meet the needs of my brand as it has grown and evolved. Watson & Young PLLC will continue to be a necessary part of all the trademark needs of the Millennial In Debt brand.

Melissa Jean Baptiste, Co-Founder of Millennial In Debt 

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“I can’t express enough gratitude for Zara & Sean and their incredible support during a deeply emotional and challenging litigation. Upon moving to NYC several years ago, I was faced with legal issues with someone I considered a close friend…it was incredibly tough. From the moment I engaged in their counsel, a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt reassured and confident for the first time regarding the issue. Watson & Young are sharks and for real…THEY ARE WHO YOU WANT ON YOUR SIDE. They *fiercely* advocate for their clients. When my friend’s attorney resorted to bullying tactics, Watson & Young’s straightforward advice was a game-changer. They advised halting unnecessary back-and-forth, recognizing the lack of a legitimate case. Their honesty saved me from unnecessary expenses and they instilled confidence in me to stand up for myself. The peace of mind they brought during such a turbulent time…I just can’t say enough kind things about them. 

I also worked with them for a trademark process (which was a pain point from a prior trademark experience I had with a different, cheap, crappy attorney). Unlike the past, they demonstrated a profound understanding, steered the process smoothly, and my trademark was approved with no issues.

All in all…Watson & Young’s expertise and care have solidified my trust, I am SO incredibly grateful for them, and they are without a doubt the only attorneys I’ll ever turn to, and I recommend them whole-heartedly. They not only resolved my legal challenges but also provided invaluable support with my mental well-being during an extremely difficult time. Seriously – 100/10.  

They truly are the best of the best, experts at what they do, and you can feel the care they pour into their work & their clients. Basically…stop looking around and HIRE THEM.”

– Natalie Martensen, Founder of VibeHaus


“From consultation to filing and receiving our results, Watson & Young made the entire process seamless.

The team was proactive in their communication, keeping us informed at every turn. They were professional, enthusiastic, patient, and knowledgeable. Watson & Young removed the guess work and provided us with service that left us feeling empowered. We couldn’t have asked for a better team to guide us through this tedious process. Without Watson & Young, we couldn’t have successfully filed our trademark. There aren’t enough words to describe Watson & Young’s outstanding work, and we’d recommend them to all entrepreneurs looking to trademark their brands!”

– Vows of Style (Bridal Agency)

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“Zara, Sean and The Watson & Young Team are the only legal team I have and will ever let support my growing business. As an online business, it is extremely difficult to find a reputable and knowledgeable legal council that can support you as your business needs are ever changing, dynamic and growing. Zara and Sean’s knowledge, support and kindness are unlike any other business owner or lawyers I have ever worked with, and it is an absolute honour and pleasure to have them protecting not just one – but all – of my businesses. Do yourself and your business a favour and hire Watson & Young!”

– Jacqueline Relke, Founder of M$W, Million Dollar MBA


“I have worked with Zara and the rest of the Watson & Young team since 2021, and have always felt supported. From the very beginning, Zara answered all my questions and explained the process in full details ensuring that I felt confident about my decisions. The entire team is professional and enthusiastic about their work and take their time to really get things right. I just finalized my first trademark and trusted them so much that we’re doing another one with the firm. Excited to continue working with the team!”

– Dannielle

Romoleroux, Founder of Amigas Get Money

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“When I was doing preliminary research on my potential trademark and found someone that was using my information it was very overwhelming. After I decided to go forward with a cease and desist, Zara and her husband made the process so easy for me. They truly are MASTERS at trademark law, I was so glad that they were representing me. The process was seamless and simple on my end. They did such an amazing job, that the other party removed their trademark without us having to go further then the official cease and desist. I cannot recommend them enough, they made a very stressful situation much less stressful.”

–  Leah Bruggeman, Founder of The Hormone Reset Program

“Zara helped walk me through every step of the Trademark process, keeping me updated and informed throughout the process. She made everything simple, and most importantly, effective!”

– Stephanie O’Connell, Personal Finance Expert

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“If you’re a business owner and are looking to protect your brand, look no further!”

– Cindy Zuniga, Founder, Zero Based Budget

“I can honestly say that there is no way I could have done it successfully without Zara. She is not only thorough, organized, and extremely knowledgeable about every in and out of trademark law, but she is deeply supportive, thoughtful, and compassionate. If things were difficult on her end, I would never know it, because Zara and her team made me feel like my trademark process was the only thing they were working on. Never perturbed by a question and always available when I needed her, it is clear to me that Zara does her absolute best for every client. Plus, she was incredibly transparent about the cost, timeline, and logistics of the process. Kindness + Honesty + Skills = the perfect Trademark Attorney. Honestly, I cannot recommend Watson & Young enough. Thank you Zara!”


– Damia December, Founder, HealMe.NYC

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“As a business owner it was important that I find someone who understood the importance of protecting the integrity of my brand. Watson & Young IP were the perfect fit.”

– Lauren Dickens, Founder, Elle Audrey (Event Planer)


“I have worked with Zara and her team on trademarking my brand and I can’t recommend enough the level of professionalism and support throughout the process. Before we began, Zara patiently answered all my questions and explained the process in detail. Onboarding, monthly check-ins and updates made the process worry free, while I could focus on developing my business.”

– Tijana Buric

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“The service I received from the Watson & Young team has been exceptional. Applying for trademarks can be complicated, but this firm truly makes the process as simple as possible. They have always been very responsive , informative and professional. I would recommend them without reservation.”

– Silvia Tuthill, Founder of Tenth Avenue Aesthetics Artistry & Institute


“The experience of working with Zara & Sean was seamless from beginning to end. They were always there to answer any questions or concerns, and we appreciated their knowledgeable and honest advice. Throughout the entire trademarking and copyright process they kept us updated, which made the whole experience 100% worry-free. Having Watson & Young’s help to protect our intellectual property has given us peace of mind and I would not hesitate to hire them again for any future trademarks and plan on continuing to work with them to handle any future maintenance of our trademark.”

–  Chantelle Kern, Co-Founder of The Italian On Tour

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“I’ve been working with Zara and her team for over a year now and the service I’ve received has been above my expectations. Thanks to Zara, I’m officially a registered trademark owner. We are also in the middle of fighting for another mark that’s extremely valuable to my business. I was very anxious during my trademark process but Zara was always there providing me with peace of mind when I needed it most.”

– Maria Cristina Espinal, Founder of Beauty By Maria Cristina  & BBMC

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