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Brand & Influencer Marketing Agreement


In the rapidly evolving landscape of brand ambassadorships and influencer marketing, clarity is no longer optional—it’s essential. Navigate the complex world of social media collaborations with full confidence, knowing your brand is safeguarded by a legally robust contract.

Why Choose Our Contract Template?

  • Expertly Drafted: Authored by Zara, an experienced attorney specializing in intellectual property and brand partnerships, this contract offers you a solid foundation. Plus, it’s been meticulously peer-reviewed by multiple attorneys for an extra layer of assurance.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Beyond standard guidelines and payment terms, our contract template uniquely protects your intellectual property and proprietary ideas. No longer worry about the potential theft of your innovative concepts or products.
  • User-Friendly Customization: With an accompanying step-by-step video guide, modifying the contract to your specific needs is simple and hassle-free.

Brand ambassadors and influencer partnerships are an effective new method of advertising. Take advantage of the social media connections and online advice community without worrying if the collaboration is best-serving your brand. With a bulletproof contract, you can lay out exactly what’s expected and have legal documents to back you up in case something goes wrong.

In addition to laying out clear guidelines, payment terms, cancellation policies, and post-deadline expectations, Zara has also written in provisions to protect your ideas from being stolen or products walking away.

This contract template comes with a video guide walking you through how to customize it, making the process totally straightforward. To ensure your peace of mind, this contract has been peer-reviewed by multiple attorneys.

Key Features

Crafted with brands and influencers in mind, this contract lays out specific provisions to ensure that both you and your client have clear expectations around working together, from start to finish. 

Our six-point framework for clear communication includes – 

  1. Payment Clause: Set a clear financial structure from the outset, ensuring both parties know exactly when payments are due.
  2. Refund Clause: Establish upfront what will happen to your financial commitment if the partnership doesn’t go as planned.
  3. Intellectual Property Clause: Safeguard your invaluable assets, be it content, trademark rights, or original ideas, with clearly defined usage and ownership rules.
  4. Cancellation & Rescheduling: Build in flexibility without compromising your brand’s needs, thanks to a predefined calendar protocol.
  5. Liability & Dispute Resolution Clauses: Limit legal exposure and establish a fair, pre-agreed pathway for resolving any unforeseen disputes.