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Trademark Registration[/title]

Federal trademark registration is a legal proceeding, so protecting your mark is definitely not DIY. Register a trademark with the help of an experienced attorney to ensure that it’s both federally registerable and legally protectable. A registered trademark is the only way to fully protect your brand, business, and unique products. I represent clients in all 50 US states and territories. I not only file your application, but handle everything throughout the process. [button url=https://watsonandyoung.com/trademark-registration-packages/”_self” size=”medium” display=”inline-block” float=”none”]LEARN MORE[/button]


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Contract Drafting [/title]

Pair a job well done with peace of mind. As an experienced attorney, I know exactly what provisions are essential to include and will draft a personalized, professional contract that perfectly fits your business logistics and goals. Best of all it’s written in language that’s easy to understand. [button url=https://watsonandyoung.com/contract-drafting-process/ target=”_self” size=”medium” display=”inline-block” float=”none”]LEARN MORE[/button]


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Contract Templates [/title]
Protect yourself with a bulletproof contract that matches your unique business and creative partnerships. Each contract has been carefully drafted by Zara Watson and are all industry specific. The contract templates are already done for you and are easy to copy and paste into your favorite client management system or can be sent directly to your client(s). Our mission in creating these contracts is to make contracts accessible for all creative entrepreneurs. [button url=https://watsonandyoung.com/template-shop/ target=”_self” size=”medium” display=”inline-block” float=”none”]LEARN MORE[/button]


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Speaking/Writing/Collaboration [/title]

Elevate your next event with an engaging speaker that shares practical, real life advice that all creatives and entrepreneurs need to know. Law for social media and modern business can be easy to understand with the right coach. I offer collaboration, writing, and speaking services that help you reclaim power and protection for your work with legal insight. Email: support@zarawatsonlaw.com to get in touch with us!