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Vision & Values


To become the world’s leading law firm for creative entrepreneurs. To provide innovative legal services to creative entrepreneurs from around the world so that they can freely pursue their passions with confidence and optimism knowing that their businesses and brands are fully protected.

 Support – I work on your behalf to make sure that your business is legally protected at all times. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand what you have gone through to get to this point in your career. I know that starting and maintaining a small business is challenging, and I will provide you with professional legal support as you move forward.

Integrity – I believe in authenticity and pledge that I will hold your interests as my top priority. I adhere to strict principles of confidentiality and work with transparency at all times. I am committed to keeping you ‘in the loop’ as I protect you, your brand, and your business.

Passion – I am passionate about my work and am thrilled that I have been able to channel my own creativity into helping others in the creative sector. I believe that entrepreneurs are at their creative best when they are least concerned with legalities.

Service Excellence –  I offer personalized solutions guaranteed to yield results. I am accessible, responsive, and am zealous in my commitment to your legal protection.

Accountability – I hold myself accountable to you, to the legal profession, to the legal community, and to myself.


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