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What I knew about Trademarking: It is expensive, but necessary if you want to grow your own business. What I did not know: It is a nearly year-long process of back and forth with USTPO attorneys, other businesses, revisions, and check-ins. After going through this process, I can honestly say that there is no way I could have done it successfully without Zara. She is not only thorough, organized, and extremely knowledgeable about every in and out of trademark law, but she is deeply supportive, thoughtful, and compassionate. If things were difficult on her end, I would never know it, because Zara made me feel like my trademark process was the only thing she was working on. Never perturbed by a question and always available when I needed her, it is clear to me that Zara does her absolute best for every client. Plus, she was incredibly transparent about the cost, timeline, and logistics of the process. Kindness + Honesty + Skills = the perfect Trademark Attorney. Honestly, I cannot recommend Zara enough. Thank you Zara!

Damia December – Founder of Healme.NYC

Working with Zara throughout the trademark registration process was amazing. She is completely knowledgeable and communicates effectively. She works hard to understand the client’s needs and concerns and answered all of my questions as only an expert can. The contract templates she created also helped me quickly create the legal notices I needed for my site. I highly recommend working with Zara!

Derek Ketelsen – “The High Achiever’s Coach” 

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Zara. She is professional and always replies in a timely manner, which is always greatly appreciated. Also, I appreciate her follow-up on the status of items that she’s working on for me, so I know exactly what is going on and I’m able to understand the timeline and expectations on projects. The contract templates are amazing and extremely easy to use. Zara has made it simple to follow and highlights the areas that you need to fill information or potentially consider if the line applies to your business needs. The best part is that there is a consultation call included in the contract, which was helpful to understand how minor nuances may need to be tailored for my business needs. I highly recommend working with Zara and utilizing the services that she offers along with the contract templates, which have been extremely helpful for my business.

Wendy Kou, Founder of Made By Wendy NYC

I’m so glad I found Zara on Instagram and decided to reach out! I was nervous going through the trademark process with a lawyer in another state, but Zara made the process so easy and seamless. Zara was helpful every step of the way, answered all of my questions and was extremely knowledgeable about the trademark process! I never felt like I couldn’t ask a question or reach to her when I needed to! I will definitely come back to utilize more of her services! Thank you Zara!

Simone Jackson, Founder of The Fab Grad

Zara is an amazing attorney. She understands the nuances of being a small business owner and handles each issue with intense attention to detail. Zara made sure we knew every step of a very long and intense trademark registration process. Zara made sure the lines of communication were always open and we knew every step of a very long and intense process. Zara is phenomenal and we will be working with her again!

Shakira Wallace and Melissa Jean Baptiste, Founders of Millennial In Debt 



The process of purchasing, receiving and inputting the terms and conditions and privacy notice on my site was easy and seamless. The areas that you can personalize are nicely highlighted so you don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out where to input your site’s information. Zara was always very responsive to questions and concerns, very professional and a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Patrice Smith – Founder of



Zara and I worked closely together to review and revise my existing service agreements. She listened to my concerns and needs and put together personalized, professional and easy-to-understand contracts for my business. Now I have peace of mind knowing that I’ve covered my bases in case a problem arises. Working with Zara Watson Law was definitely worth the investment. I look forward to working with her again and I highly recommend the high-quality services provided by Zara Watson Law.

Vivian Chan/Founder of Typenest 




Zara’s was the least expensive contract template I could find. I already had most of what she provided from doing some searching, but there were a few things that I didn’t have. It was great to have this template and to know I was on the right track! 

Sheila J Davis CEO | Founder | Speaker – Yes! Women’s Network and Lock n’ Load Marketing




Zara does more than keep your ideas protected, she holds incredible safe space for me to flush out my creative process, working with me to see how those creative visions will work on the material plane. She is divinely skilled in the balance of support and critique, something every creative needs when it comes to supporting and seeing those creative visions accurately manifested. In our working together, I have learned to be more disciplined and grounded without feeling like I’m losing my flow during the ideation stage. Zara is a professional who can serve not only as your attorney but as someone who is dedicated to supporting the process every creative goes through. She operates with a delicate balance of support and critique to help you achieve optimal success in whatever venue you seek to bring change to the world. That’s what we creatives do! She’s responsive, very courteous, and always shows grace, especially to working mother’s like myself, who may not always function from a noise-free environment. I Love Zara, specifically for that.
L.E.Z – Counselor, Educator, Writer – Founder of Lolo’s LightHouse Productions, LLC



The Zara Watson Law Firm advocated on my behalf regarding a music syncing license agreement. I was very lucky to use this firm’s services. Zara over delivered in both her thoroughness and guidance. Most importantly, the communication throughout the whole process was stellar. As musicians can often face pitfalls in the business, it felt great to have a reliable attorney on my side. I look forward to using the firm again, and furthermore, I will be recommending this firm to my colleagues.

Cassandrah / singer-songwriter – Official Website at



I am a full-time attorney, but setting up businesses is not something I do. I wanted someone that I could trust and someone that is passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs navigate the nuances of setting up the foundation for their businesses. Zara and her law firm were top of mind for me! Zara is extremely responsive, careful, and took the time to listen to all my queries. I look forward to continuing working with Zara and highly recommend Zara Watson Law.

Cindy Zuniga, Esq. – Founder of Zero-Based Budget Coaching LLC 

Zara is amazing! She is extremely professional and hard-working! She is not only super intelligent and dedicated to her job, but she works hard to make sure that her clients feel comfortable, confident and empowered to start their own business. I am so lucky to have found such a phenomenal lawyer!

Connie Eugen – Founder of Spducation, LLC



Working with Zara was the absolute best. Going into the situation, this being my first time having to hire an attorney, I was nervous. Zara made me feel very comfortable and made it easy to communicate everything that was happening. She gave me honest and great feedback on my case. After talking with her, I felt better stepping into pursuing the case. Throughout the process, Zara was always there with quick responses and we were able to successfully settle my case in a quick and timely matter. Zara made my experience very comfortable, which was very beneficial to me. We had great chemistry as well, I felt I could tell Zara anything. Going through my case with Zara made me have a very positive first-time experience. I would recommend her services to anyone, and would definitely work with Zara again.
Nichola Utupo / singer-songwriter



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