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Helpful Software for Work/Life Balance

Helpful Software for Work/Life Balance

It’s always useful to learn from another business—we took the time to lay out helpful software for work/life balance because we genuinely love sharing as many practical tools as we can. Whether you’re a team of one or a team of 10, there is only so much you can manage with pen and paper, or even Google Workspace! As you plan and grow, a smooth order of operations and software ensures a caliber of customer service that is hard to top. With more and more companies entering the “Software as a Service” market, it’s safe to say that our options will continue to grow with more entering the market. While there are currently a wide variety of options for each of the following categories, here’s what we’ve selected and why:


An excellent client experience is only as good as its touchpoints, right? Ultimately, thoughtful and confident client interactions are the pillar of a luxury brand so if that is a goal, a client management system is a must. Out of the many CRMS, we selected Dubsado for its brand-ability, smooth automation, and multi-user functions. As attorneys, we know that contracts are paramount for a clear client partnership but, I think it’s safe to say that many attorneys overlook the ease of the client entering that partnership. Visually, Dubsado allows you to add in custom logos, adjust the formatting, and select a font that aligns with your brand. Why is this important? Well, if you’ve given a client the beautiful brand experience when they inquire but hand over a contract that is the opposite of aesthetically pleasing, the client journey really hits a speed bump and if the process isn’t visually seamless, you do risk negative feelings becoming associated with your brand. As attorneys, we want our clients to have a sense of empowerment and confidence in their legal process, making contracts accessible and on-brand is a subtle way to accomplish that. Honestly, the ability to customize Dubsado to your brand shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if you’re working your way into a luxury market where small details are never overlooked.

Functionally, the workflows within Dubsado are incredibly customized and currently beating anything else on the market in terms of usability and automation. Set up regular check-ins and updates with your clients to run on autopilot or preselect communication and get notified to send it out when the time comes.

Dubsado really excelled with the multi-user experience, too. As our team has grown, I’ve needed other members to have access to certain client information or add to a dossier. Dubsado makes this both affordable and incredibly simple.


For delegating tasks, mapping out agendas or meetings, and general project management, Click Up has served our team well. The mobile and desktop app makes it easy to operate on the go and stay updated with changes. The interface feels incredibly smooth which makes accomplishing projects all the more satisfying.


For email list management, Active Campaign allows for a robust amount of triggers and segmentation and we love that it’s widely used by entrepreneurs who create evergreen funnels, too. 


Who doesn’t know the pain of coming up creatively blank with social media visuals? Canva has been an endless resource and inspiration point for us when it comes to social media. There are so many different templates for all sorts of posts that can be customized to our brand and varying types of communication.


When it comes to batch working content to ensure consistent marketing on social media, Planoly has made our process so streamlined and simple. Planoly has made our process so streamlined and simple. We can now work ahead with captions, images, and content ideas, scheduling out our communication so that we don’t feel rushed.

When it comes to helpful software for work/life balance, these are the top five tools we use on a daily basis. From client communication to social planning and everything in between, it helps our team operate with ease and spend less time glued to the computer. Because we want that for every business owner, we have one final tool for you:


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Helpful Software for Work/Life Balance
Helpful Software for Work/Life Balance

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