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What to know about a DIY trademark application

For any new brand, a Google search pulls up a few all-things-legal websites tempting a DIY for your trademark. As you consider your options, it’s important to know your risks!

Because an attorney at the USPTO considers your application, it’s important to think about partnering with an attorney who specializes in trademark applications. They can give you insider knowledge on how the USPTO thinks. This can have a big impact on your success when researching your trademark and preparing your application. The legal analysis of your competition is what sets you up for success with your application. You want to bring your best resources into this; this is the future for your brand security! If a well-informed attorney can give you a 90% success rate with a 1:1 service, is it worth what you might save short term when time is on the line?

Getting your trademark approved can take up to a year. If your application is denied due to errors or questions you’re not equipped to handle, it’s a big setback. Before you can prepare another application, it is totally possible that another business will leap ahead of you with the same or similar trademark because they had the right information in their application. If this happens, you’ve completely lost your opportunity.

Just ask one of our current clients who originally thought about a DIY —

This client came to us discouraged, wanting an expert opinion because they did a bit of research and thought they might need to come up with a new brand name after a year in business. They had discovered a few other similar businesses with a similar name and were concerned that they were going to have to change everything in order to secure a trademark. Had they gone the DIY route, they would have most likely abandoned an incredible brand name.

Because this client decided to work with us, we did an in-depth analysis of the situation and their chances of getting approved were actually very positive. We know how the USPTO attorneys analyze trademarks and we created an application that allowed them to file with confidence.

If you feel that a DIY isn’t the best fit, inquire here. We’re here to serve you!

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