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Why You Should Apply for a Trademark Before Starting Your Own Business

Written By: Cara O’Hanlon

Edited By: Zara Watson, Esq.

Starting a new business is a challenging process, however, with the right steps, you can protect your business and maximize your chances of success. Trademarks are crucial assets to entrepreneurs which reduce the chance of potential legal costs or risks while you grow your brand.

It is essential to conduct a trademark clearance search early on when starting a new business. This allows business owners to avoid using trademarks that infringe on another company’s trademark rights. A trademark clearance search will inform you whether the name or logo you wish to use is already in use. This protects you from the expense of a name change and possible legal costs if someone asserts that the use of your trademark mark has infringed upon their trademark rights. 

A clearance search also provides you with peace of mind so you can continue to promote your brand under your mark. This is crucial before you use funds to develop and advertise your products or services. If you are held liable for infringing on third-party trademark rights, it could be expensive to stop using the mark. You may face costs such as changing any items encompassing the mark, like advertisements, business cards, packaging, marked products, or your website. 

As a business owner, it is essential that you protect your name, logo, slogan, and other unique elements of your brand. One of the best ways to protect your trademark is to apply for federal registration through the USPTO. Once you have federally registered your mark, you will gain exclusive rights to use that trademark and legal rights to bring legal action against anyone else who uses your mark, which provides you with legal and business advantages as an entrepreneur. 

With our help, protect your new business with the trademark search and registration process. We will conduct a full federal, state, and common law trademark search and provide expert legal analysis as to the registration of your trademark. Applying for a trademark at the USPTO starts a legal proceeding and requires you to meet strict deadlines, and it is recommended to consult with an attorney throughout the process. Contact us here to get started on protecting your new business! 

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