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Why You Should Apply for a Trademark Before Starting Your Own Business

How Trademarks Can Boost your Coaching Business

Written By: Cara O’Hanlon

Edited By: Zara Watson, Esq.

As a life, business, or wellness coach, trademarking can help to create a sense of uniqueness for your services and build a strong brand to make your business stand out to potential customers. Developing a strong, distinct trademark can set you apart from others. By creating a unique brand name, slogan, or tagline, you can make your business easy to remember, help customers find your services, and make them eligible for trademark registration. This tells your potential customers that there’s something unique about your coaching methods that can help them achieve their goals. Branding each aspect of your business allows you to stand out in the market and own a trademark associated with your coaching methodology. 

Protecting your coaching business through trademark protection arms you with the legal tools & assets necessary to maintain exclusivity over your brand. If you want to protect your brand and secure your business’ trademark rights, Click here to schedule a free discovery call with Zara today and check out our coaching contract bundles here.  

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