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how to register a trademark

3 Facts Every Entrepreneurs Should Know About Registering Their Trademark

Although there are many benefits to trademark registration, the three key benefits include.
  1. National ProtectionTrademark registration provides you with the exclusive right to use your trademark across all 50 states on goods and services that are associated with your trademark.
  2. Enforcement Rights – Trademark registration allows you to stop others from copying your mark to sell their products and services. As the owner of the mark, you will have a better chance of prevailing over someone who doesn’t have their trademark registered. Typically, in these situations, a trademark owner will send out a cease and desist letter to have the infringing party stop all use of the infringing mark.
  3. Your Trademark Is An Asset – Your trademark is your business’ most valuable asset. Owning the rights to your trademark provides you with leverage during negotiations. If you decide to sell your company or business, one of the first things that will be discussed/negotiated is your intellectual property.
Are you ready to feel secure knowing that you own the rights to your trademark?

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